HOST COUNTRIES: One Event. Three Nations. A World of Opportunity. Canada, Mexico, and the United States have joined together to deliver a United Bid that offers FIFA and its member associations the power of unity, the promise of certainty, and the potential of extraordinary opportunity – for the EVENT, the GAME, the FANS, and the WORLD.

16 Host Cities 24 to select from

Canada, Mexico, and the United States share a familiar story: our people have forged different paths towards a new destiny for our three countries and our continent. Because of our geography, we have done this with common borders, but our ideals and potential reach far beyond the continent we inhabit together. Over time we have woven together our individual cultures and collaborated in business and politics. We have blended our foods and music, languages and styles, into something uniquely our own. What makes North America unlike any place on earth is that we are UNITED, AS ONE – especially in our desire to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

As a region made of immigrants, North America is home to over 200 different ethnic groups, with established fan bases for every nation that may qualify for the 2026 FIFA World Cup. When teams arrive for training, they can find all the comforts of home – favorite foods, local culture, places of worship, native language speakers (over 300 different languages are spoken here), wherever that home may be. At their matches, each team will play to capacity crowds with fans supporting both teams as their own.

The Candidate Host Cities we are submitting exceed the requirements outlined by FIFA, and standing together, are ready to fulfill the shared vision and ambition of FIFA. They reflect the vast geographic and cultural diversity of North America, are leaders on environmental protection, are committed to embedding human rights into their core operations and communities, and offer the promise of growth and innovation. Each brings experience, expertise, and enthusiasm to welcome, entertain, inspire, and empower the next generation of players and fans through the hosting of the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America.

Our Candidate Host Cities are already contributing to the future of football in North America and they are committed – and motivated – to continuing that work in partnership with FIFA in the years ahead.

Together, we can make football a more important part of people’s lives. It would be our honor to help create that legacy with FIFA and in service to the global football community – UNITED, AS ONE.